Picking the Right Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Whether you are building a new bathroom in a different part of your home or renovating and existing one, one of the most important decisions in the room is the kind of materials you use for the floor and shower. In most cases the best option is to invest in quality ceramic bathroom tiles. Not only are they hygienic, water resistant, long lasting and require minimal maintenance, they also come in a variety of sizes, colours, and designs suited to meet your specific desires and needs. Simply put, ceramic tiles are the best bathroom material.

A Healthy Bathroom is a Safe Bathroom

Bathrooms are a paradox in and of themselves. First of all, you need a bathroom to keep yourself clean; a shower to be able to bathe, a toilet to relieve yourself, and a sink for other healthy purposes. While it is a place where you do your personal hygiene it is also a place where you get rid of anything dirty. As such, you want to use materials that promote health, which is why ceramic tiles are ideal. They have a moisture absorption rate that is so low, they are nearly waterproof. This prevents the formation of mold.

Picking the Tile Size

Generally, as a rule of thumb you will not want to use large tiles in a small bathroom as they make the room feel smaller. Instead, using small or medium-sized tiles will deliver a more impressive and expansive looking bathroom. The fewer cuts you need to make on tiles, the better they will appear. For the purposes of classifying tile size, refer to the below guideline:
  • Large 60 x 30cm
  • Medium 40 x 20cm
  • Small 10 x 10cm

Making the Most of Space

As mentioned above, a smaller tile will generally help to make a bathroom space look larger but there are other tactics you can use. In the converse way that dark tiles help make an expansive bathroom feel more welcoming, a light coloured tile (either in cream or white) works to reflect light and makes a bathroom look bigger. Another tactic is to use the same colour tiles on the floor and on the walls. Lastly, matching grout colours will also make it feel bigger.

Other Tips

Look for natural looking ceramic tiles that bring the beauty of outside in. Also, consider undertile heating for a warming feel within the bathroom – which can generally feel cold to touch. Lastly, you should use a tile calculator to determine how many tiles you may need for your bathroom, the worst thing that can happen is you need additional tiles and can't find the same ones.
Overall, the bathroom is the best place for ceramic tiles. They offer plenty of beautiful variations, colours and sizes to suit every need. Tiles can be used strategically to increase the appearance of space in a bathroom and to make the room feel warmer. With a tile for every desire, you can be assured your bathroom will be a spa-like sanctuary.